If you have a pet, the main consideration will be the food. So, when it comes to platy fish, you should be aware of the platy fish diet. A good diet always keeps your fish healthy and happy. There is specific platy fish food to give your fish. Do you know about the platy diet? 

What Do Platy Fish Eat?  

These fish are omnivorous in the forest. They eat plants, algae, insects and small bark. The above dish should be provided as closely as possible in the home aquarium by providing high-quality foods.

They are accustomed to eating almost anything they put in the tank. But the owner should provide them with various foods such as high-quality pills, live foods and frozen foods to get a complete meal with all the necessary vitamins and nutrients. It is called the platy diet.

Flake foods are popular type of fish food. To choose high-quality flake food, always read the ingredients in the container. It is usually necessary to avoid fish foods with fillings such as rice near the beginning of the diet. Choose foods containing fish or other protein sources for the first few ingredients.

Wafers are one of the best foods on the market. Many people recommend Hikari Micro wafers are better.

When it comes to living foods, they eat blackworms, bloodworms, daphnia, brine shrimp, fruit flies, and mosquito larvae. These are the best foods for platys.

If you cannot provide live food, frozen food is approximately better and more convenient. Platy fish can feed on frozen blood worms, black worms, daphne, brine prawns, and other live food in the area.

What Is a Basic Platy Diet?

What is the best food for platys?

You can take flake food as a basic platy diet which contains plant and protein-based ingredients. It also includes vitamins and minerals suitable for platy fish. Platy fish food should always be of good quality and contain both plant and meat derivatives. It is better if you can increase the nutritious level of the food. You can add dried vegetable pellets, blood worms, brine shrimps, and other natural ingredients. 

Can Platys Eat Goldfish Food?

Does Platies eat them and make a good meal for Platy fish? Put ‘yes’ to whether Platis is likely to eat them. Therefore, it is essential to choose goldfish flour as it has enough vegetables and protein but low grain content.

Goldfish food includes a higher amount of cereal and vegetable content with protein. But, if you feed goldfish food to platys, select food with minimum cereal content. High cereal content is not suitable for the platy diet. Always pick goldfish food with an increased range of vegetables and protein. 

Can Goldfish Slots Fend to Tetras?

Tetra is tropical fish. So low pills and pills are very nutritious for them. Tetras are not picklers, so that they can eat goldfish food. They even can live on goldfish fillets. Instead, both fish eat good protein foods such as bloodworms.

What Should Be Fed Platy Fry?

Platy fry can also eat the same food as adult platys. But, it is better you can give small pieces of food for easy digestion. If you are thinking about the best food for platy fry, it is very important to ensure a varied diet that includes protein-rich and plant-based foods.

It will help platy fry become a strong and healthy adult. In addition to pills, you can feed egg yolks, baby brine prawns, bloodworms, vinegar eels, and daphnia. You can also give powdered dry food, especially for live-bearing fish. Further, dry flake food can scrunch down into small pieces. These are the best food for platy fry.  

It is important to take care of the platy fry well. Make sure to add food at mealtimes to save platy fry.

Do Platies Feed Their Babies?

Yes, It happens. Platies eat their young, and if they buy a separate tank to live in as the fish grow, it will end up with the most significant number of fry left for the fish owner. 

How Often Can Platys Be Fed?

Even though you give the best food for your platys, you should be aware of feeding times. For adults, it is better to feed once a day. But for growing juveniles, there should be two to three small meals per day. But it would help if you observed their behavior to maintain their diet.

It is a sign of overfeeding if you notice long strings of poop frequently dangling from your platies. It is better to reduce the size of their meal. 

How Long Can Platys Stay Without Food?

When we consider platy fish in the wild, there won’t be food every time. So, it is not necessary to eat every day. When considering the platy fish diet, they can survive without any food. You do not need to worry if you cannot give platy fish food. But if you are away from home for 2 3 weeks, it is better to have an automatic platy fish food feeder or hire a pet sitter to take care of your platy. 

Conclusion – Platy Fish Food

If you are searching for the best food for platys, there are various types of food. Apart from the food mentioned above, you can add tropical fish flakes to the platy diet. Algae is also a platy food that can give under control. Some Algae types are not suitable for platys. There are several types of Algae in the tank. Naturally, it is better to keep the tank clean. You can add live foods and frozen food for a platy diet. So, better to consider more platy fish food if you want to take care of your platy population.

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