Growing up with love and warmth is something we all expect during our childhood. We think that every child will have a caring family, but not everyone is that lucky.

Creative Culture LLC/Kevin Gill

Meet twelve-year-old Andrew from Nashville, Tennessee. Unlike many kids, Andrew spent a lot of his early life in foster care.

But life can bring good surprises. Recently, Andrew’s luck changed when a kind family decided to adopt him. This shows that good things can happen even in tough times.

Andrew’s best friend, Joc Gill, is a big part of this happy story. The Gill family had been Andrew’s foster family for several years. Andrew and Joc were more than friends; they were like brothers, having fun together playing video games and eating Pop-Tarts. Kevin and Dominique Gill, Joc’s parents, welcomed Andrew into their home with love and care.

One day, while walking in the park with Molly Parker from Youth Villages, Andrew got amazing news – the Gills wanted to adopt him! Overjoyed, Andrew quickly said “Yeah!” when asked if he wanted to be part of their family forever.

In Tennessee, over 8,000 kids are waiting to be adopted into loving homes. Andrew is no longer one of them because the Gills chose to give him a permanent family. Andrew is excited to leave foster care and start a new life with his new family. Joc, Andrew’s new brother, is also thrilled to have Andrew as his official sibling.

Stories like Andrew’s and the Gills make us feel happy and even bring tears of joy. We appreciate families like the Gills who adopt older kids like Andrew, giving them a chance at a brighter future. Adopting an older child is a wonderful experience that brings joy and gratitude.

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