Breeding goldfish is the most wonderful thing I have ever done. It is challenging work. Success depends on your experience and your dedication to providing proper care.

I provide the instructions; simply follow them strictly. Definitely, you will see goldfish babies.

Broodfish selection

It’s happy to hear that you decided to breed goldfish. Your first step is to find the right broodfish. Right brood fish? What does it mean? Ok. Let’s see.

Healthy brood fish can produce many eggs and healthy fry. They are going to be parents in the next few months. Then they should be healthy. Bright and active fish are welcome.

Please avoid fish with visible signs of disease, deformities or physical abnormalities.

You can find healthy brood fish at a recommended pet shop. Or select some healthy fish from your goldfish school. 

Male-female separation: Who is male and who is female?

You need to identify the sexes first if you are willing to breed goldfish. Do it accurately to ensure successful spawning. Let’s see how.

Do you have young goldfish? Determining the sex of a young goldfish can be a bit challenging. Wait around six months until they mature.

Mature goldfish show differences in their bodies, reproductive organs, and behavior. Let’s see what these are.

Firstly, observe your mature goldfish carefully.

Usually, female fish have a rounded abdomen as they carry eggs inside. Comparatively, male fish bodies are elongated. If you touch their belly areas, females are smoother than males.

Touch the pectoral fin of the male. It is rough in breeding season. You will see small, randomly spread spots on the fin. But why? He uses spots to stimulate the female during spawning.

Female pectoral fins have no spots. But her anal fin is bigger and more triangular than the male’s. Usually, aggressive fish tend to be male. Now you can separate them sexually.

How Long Can Gold Fish Go Without Foods?

Tank Setting Up

What do we need here? A glass tank, conditioned water, a few aquatic plants, a few rocks, a heater, a light, and a filter That’s all.

A 20 to 30 gallon glass tank is good for goldfish breeding. A small tank doesn’t provide enough space for your goldfish.

Tank inside arranging

Keep the tank’s bottom free. There’s no need to put sand or gravel here. But collect some aquatic plants to create a natural environment; plants also retain the eggs after laying.

Here are some aquatic plants that can work well in a goldfish breeding tank: Anubias, Java Fern, Java Moss, Amazon Sword, Water Wisteria, Vallisneria, and Cryptocoryne

Provide two or three hiding spots using rocks or something suitable. Some people use PVC pieces to create hiding places in breeding tanks. Actually, PVC pieces provide a surface on which to stick eggs.

As goldfish produce more waste, a water filter is essential to a breeding tank. Adequate filtration will help keep the tank environment healthy. A simple type of filter, such as a sponge filter is enough here.

Water temparature

Goldfish are cold-water fish. It means they don’t have a specific water temperature range. But it’s better to shape up brooders around 25 Celsius (67F to 74F). It stimulates the goldfish to start breeding.

Goldfish are egg layers. Simply, females spread eggs, and males fertilize them. You should remember that they tend to eat eggs after laying. Then use a suitable breeding cage to keep brooders away from eggs. Just after laying eggs, remove the brooders from the breeding tank.

Start The Breeding: How To Breed Goldfish

Now you have done the basics accurately. It’s time to collect male and female fish for the breeding tank. First, collect the female carefully. After a few minutes, collect the two males together.

Once they adapt to the new tank, chasing will happen. Chasing is part of their courtship actions. Here, males are continuously following the female, sometimes aggressively.

They touch and push the female body while chasing. They try to stimulate females to lay eggs. Also helps her release eggs by pushing her body.

Stimulated female release eggs within a few hours. Their eggs are small and transparent. It has the ability to stick to surfaces and avoid floating away. Males release sperm into the water.

The sperm will come into contact with the eggs, fertilizing them externally. After the tasks are done, carefully remove the fish from the breeding tank.

Now the fish have done their job. What next??

Hello Babies

Eggs start to develop after fertilization. Keep eggs in the breeding tank until babies are born. Suppy a gentle aeration and a sponge filter also.

Hatching time depends on the water temperature. Try to supply consistent water temperatures of 20 to 23 °C. Sudden temperature fluctuations can disturb embryonic development.

Fry Care

After three or four days, you can see tiny fry floating here and there. A yolk sac has attached itself to their bodies.

What is a yolk sac? It is a sac filled with nutrients. Newly born fry get nutrition from Yorksac for the first few days of their lives. The fry become more active and big when they absorb the yolk sac.

Firstly, feed them newly hatched brine shrimp and recommended fry foods. Feed small amounts five or six times a day. As they grow, you can gradually introduce larger foods. Don’t forget to feed continuously. Unless their growth can be reduced due to a lack of nutrients.

How to Breed Goldfish: A Final Thought

As a final thought, we want some healthy brooders to start the breeding process. It’s essential to condition them for a few months, giving them good nutrients. Next, arrange a suitable tank with essentials such as plants, a heater, a filter, etc. Keep in mind that goldfish breeding is stimulated by water temperature.

So try to maintain the water temperature as instructed. Introduce the fish and observe courtship behaviors. After laying eggs, separate the adults. Eggs hatch in 3-6 days. Move adults and raise fry carefully after hatching. maintain water quality and feed brine shrimp, then gradually larger foods.

It’s the story of goldfish breeding. Happy fishkeeping!


I am Bruce Daniel Holgate from Los Angeles, the founder of, environmental scientist and content writer. Researcher and hobbyist in aquarium keeping and fish breeding with 20 years of experience. I'm willing to share my knowledge with you all.


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